Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I thought I’d design the site as a place of reference for anyone seeking information on the three Formula 1-based books I’ve written. Although grand prix racing continues to play a huge role in my professional life, I need to stress that this site will not be used to discuss Formula 1 topics: I’ve no intention of writing articles on the pressing issues of the moment or scribbling a daily blog. There are plenty of websites overflowing with such stuff (and a few of them do laudable work, too) but this site is not destined to become an F1 news service.

That said, I continue to receive a steady flow of correspondence (letters forwarded from my publishers in London) from readers either making comments on or asking questions about my books. Indeed, as you’re already here, I believe it’s reasonably safe to assume you’re aware of my writing and may like to find out a little more; you might like to discover something of what has influenced my writing or where you might possibly buy one or more books needed to complete your set. Naturally, there’s also the possibility that you’re here in complete error, that you hit the wrong key and as a result are wondering where on earth Google has taken you. If that’s the case then you must now decide whether to stay or go.

This website is not a commercial entity: You will not require a log-in name or an ultra-secret password (both of which I always find totally impossible to remember). You will not require a credit card to access any of the pages; there is no membership subscription to pay; no club to join. In short, there is nothing whatsoever on which to spend your pocket money.

I have included a few links to some well known sites that you may wish to explore but that’s entirely up to you (they’re located on the Bookshop Signposts page). And, remember, if you’re missing one or more of my books and can’t find a new copy, then don’t overlook the plethora of second-hand bookshops that would love your business. Also, if you merely wish to read them, with no desire to own, don’t forget your local library. All I would ask is, please, take good care of library books. Don’t, for example, get carried away with the joys of Spring and be tempted to draw pen and ink sketches of jolly woodland badgers in them. After you’ve finished reading, please return any books back to the library, safe and sound, and the library will love you for it.

A last word for now: I don’t advertise this website anywhere (apart from my Twitter profile) and you’ve done well to have found it, either deliberately or by accident. Let’s try and keep it that way, a subdued, quiet place you may wish to return to every now and then. I promise no animations or garish colours will be here to alarm you.

All best wishes,